3 Everyday Uses for Eucalyptus Oil

Today's the day

It’s been a long time coming, but today is finally the day that we launch Far & Wild, a natural wellness brand focused on creating simple, plant-based products for the home.

If your family is like ours, you like to bring natural, trustworthy products into the home but have found it tricky to sort through brands with dubious claims and expensive pricing. Which products are just passing trends? Which products will make the biggest difference in my home?

When planning Far & Wild, we decided to start with essential oils, the foundational scents and flavors in any product with a natural ingredient story. We’ve come to love having essential oils in the home, but have been really put off by certain industry brands that make outrageous claims and take advantage of their customers (in our humble opinion). If that’s your scene, more power to you—but that’s just not us.

Partnering with the best in the industry, we’ve sourced our essential oils from regions and farms around the globe known for their quality and transparent crop reporting. To us, it was critical to match the purity of the essential oils we’re accustomed to, and we’re happy to say we’ve done just that.

It’s our goal at Far & Wild to bring you the best essential oils available, processed with the highest industry standards, without the sensationalism that’s become associated with some of these products. And by selling directly to our customers, there’s no need for the inflated pricing common to network marketing tactics.


Our pledge to you:

We will be honest about the ingredients and sourcing of our products

We will provide certificates of purity testing for each single oil lot

We will promote only the known, demonstrable benefits for our products


We keep it simple—simple products, simple business, simply the best quality available. If that sounds like something you like, give us a follow and let’s be friends. 

Here’s to more simple, natural living.

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  • I just found this and am looking forward to trying them.

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