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Autumn Traditions & Transitions

Each autumn is a beautiful opportunity for reflection and connection with nature. Here are 4 ways to make your autumn a grounded and meaningful experience.

1—Record your 2021 summer memories

Take a few minutes with your journal and write down your favorite moments from the summer. Express your gratitude for all the swim days, snow cones, family time, vacations, bumps and bruises—everything you saw, felt and learned in your summer adventures this year.

2—Get outside for nature’s changes

Whether or not you’re a lover of cold weather, there’s a beauty to be found in the crisp autumn air. Lose yourself in the brilliant colors of fall foliage and let the moody skies move you. Layer up, throw on your favorite knit cap, and experience that autumn mood outdoors.

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3—Harvest with gratitude

Connect with autumn by eating the fruits and vegetables that are naturally harvested in the fall. Apples and citrus, squashes, brussel sprouts, carrots, potatoes and yams...and be sure to indulge a little with your favorite pumpkin spice treat!

3—Prepare for the winter months

Autumn is a great time to plan for your best winter life! Unbox your favorite winter coat and have it dry cleaned. Find the matches to each lonely mitton. Get a jumpstart on picking holiday gifts for loved ones. And prepare for any winter blues with a regular mental wellness routine.

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